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John Murray

I am not sure how many Medical Society members will have received this very sad news. I and my golfing colleagues have been reliably informed by Geoff Summers that John suffered a stroke while down in London recently. He was apparently transferred back to Norwich Hospital where he died. Geoff suggests that there is likely to be a memorial service for him at Harvington Church at some future date.

This news prompted me to reread his remarkable and comprehensive history of the Medical Society, as posted on the Society's website, and to think back over his wonderful career at the hospital and of the fun times we enjoyed with him on the golf course and singing together with the Choral Society. John was, of course, an amazing character, excellent anaesthetist, innovative postgraduate tutor and much, much more. He will be sorely missed.

Kindest regards,

Martin Lewis




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As Editor I often get enquiries relating to older members and medical matters in the Wyre Forest Area.
Some are confidential but others are historically interesting and, as the one below, I will share with you.

Nearest I can come to your query is the Greenhill Hostel, Hurcott Rd / Chester road which really couldn’t be classed as a maternity home in modern thinking. It was in fact a Magdalene hostel for unmarried or destitute expectant and nursing mothers age under 25 who were with their first child and were expected to stay for 4 months if possible. The hostel opened in 1901 but closed ?? when. The costs were 10s/6d (52.5p) before confinement and 12s/6d (62.5p) after confinement. There was also Kidderminster shelter at 208 Hurcott Road which provided help for temporarily fallen and preventative cases aged under 25 – although this was not really associated with maternity care.



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